leadership and self-deception

April 22, 2006

I’ve kind of grown tired of leadership books because many of them say a lot of the same stuff. I feel like I end up reading a lot of repeat concepts to dig out one or two special jewels. I read Leadership and Self-Deception and it definitely doesn’t follow that trend.

It’s one of those books that you agree with what is being said the whole time, and deep down you already know it’s true, but you don’t like someone reminding you of it. It describes how most of the challenges we have in leadership, and in any relationship, come from our own self-centered thinking. (Although the book develops this idea far better than that.) The book is one of those leadership fable types (ala Lencioni), but the content of it is so good I was able to overlook my usual dislike for those. This will likely be required reading for any future ministry interns I have the chance to work with, and I’d encourage anyone who is in ministry, is married, or is breathing, to read it.

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