cingular 2125

April 28, 2006

cingular 2125Our phone contracts with T-Mobile are just about to expire, and I’m heavily considering switching Sherri and I over to a shared Cingular plan with rollover minutes. I think we might be able to save $30/month this way.

I’m pretty fascinated with the Cingular 2125. If anyone has any experience with this phone, or any Window Mobile Smartphone, I’d love to hear it. From what I’ve seen, it might be ideal for me.

I carry my PocketPC less and less because I almost always have my laptop with me these days. When I do use my PocketPC, it’s for looking up contact info, using the Bible software, reading email, or handwriting a few notes. Going to a Smartphone is going to make it much easier to sync contacts with my phone, so that’s an upgrade. The Bible software isn’t quite as full featured for the SmartPhone, but it can still get the job done. Because it can connect to our Exchange server from anywhere, the smartphone will be a big upgrade for checking email. So, this will get me down to just one gadget, plus a small moleskine for scratching notes. Sounds good to me.

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