blogging connections

April 30, 2006

Some have suggested that one of the dangers of the internet is that it causes people to develop fake relationships. I agree that it would be unhealthy for a relationship to exist solely in cyberspace, but I’ve been really pleased with some of the connections I’ve made through blogging. Some of those have led to opportunities to connect with other bloggers in person…Justin Baeder, Aaron Ogle, and Bob Hyatt so far. There have also been others who I feel like I could meet in person and we’d already have a great rapport just from the sharing of thoughts online.

Sherri and I had a day like that today when we were able to connect with Chris and Necole Marlow. I first met Chris through some comments on the TheoHacks site. Turns out they just moved up here. Today, they came to a Pathways gathering, and then joined our family at home for lunch. Chris, Necole, Bailey and Mackenzie — thanks for taking some time to hang with us. It is always good to share time with others on a journey similar to our own.

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