revernaculation: “quest for the historical jesus”

May 1, 2006

jesus(This is a continuation of the revernaculation series, which I intend to pick up from time to time. Here are the previous posts: go to heaven, relationship with Jesus, knows the word and law.)

This revernaculation is a little more in depth, as it is a link to a paper I wrote arguing how the Quest for the Historical Jesus, a modern discipline, needs to reshape itself for postmodernity. Here’s the first paragraph just to serve as a bit of a preview:

Nearly 250 years ago, a journey began that continues today. The destination of this quest was not location, but understanding. The modern era’s hunger for knowledge challenged theology as men began to wonder aloud whether the Gospels presented the full portrait of who Jesus was, and the Quest for the Historical Jesus was born. Though we are transitioning beyond modernity, the quest for the historical Jesus should not be left behind as a remnant of modern thought. Rather, we must pull the quest forward into postmodernity with us. In order for that to happen, the quest will need to undergo a transition of its form and purpose.

Download the full paper.

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