May 10, 2006

I had coffee with Steve Lewis today. Steve is yet another connection I made through the blogosphere, and it was great to connect with him to hear his heart and dreams. He does campus ministry at UDub, but is working on a year-long program called inter::mission for recent graduates to immerse themselves in intentional community, teaching and campus ministry. If you are graduating from college soon, or know someone who is, this is a program worth looking into. Here’s a few words from their website:

The world is changing at a blurry pace, and the ways and teachings of a first century Jewish revolutionary seem to get lost in the mix. But we believe they’re still vital and powerful, and that they reveal the Kingdom of God in such a compelling way that we can’t help but respond. The way we respond is by following God in the Way of Jesus and inviting others to follow with us.

inter::mission exists to experientially liberate and empower young adults toward missional vocation. It’s a progressive approach to young adult ministry in the Puget Sound, and around the world.

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