May 10, 2006

The Short Version: is now will no longer work, so please update your bookmarks and links on your site in order to help spread the word. (If you are subscribed to the old feed, it’s address has not changed, so you don’t need to change anything.)

The Long Version: Sometime in the last week, PlanterBlogs was hacked, and a fake bank website was uploaded in a subfolder trying to lure people to enter their account info. When the abuse was reported to GoDaddy, they tried to notify me, but the email went to my spam folder. When they didn’t hear back from me, the deactivated the domain in order to stop anyone else from accessing the fake bank site. Now that the fake bank site has been cleared off the server, they are trying to charge me $200 to reactivate the domain. Since I have no interest at all in paying that, and I don’t know how long it will take to resolve this, I went ahead and registered the new domain. (And for the record, GoDaddy did not get my business for the new domain.)

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