fullness to the table

May 20, 2006

I spent the last three days in an intensive master’s class on leadership. It was taught by Ron Carucci. Ron has been a highly respected leadership consultant for corporate executives for many years. Today, he continues that work while he serves as the COO at Mars Hill. His work as a consultant, combined with his passion for the school and students, created an enriching experinece.

Late today, as we were wrapping up, he made this statement: If you lead in a way that does not welcome someone’s fullness to the table, you have betrayed them.

What a beautiful idea. This concept grabbed me and it has been meandering through my brain ever since. How could someone not want to work in environment where they are encouraged to offer and explore the fullness of who they are? A leader is not one who just influences others toward a goal, but one who offers people the chance to fully be who they are and contribute that to something beyond themself. It is a call to both growth and meaning.

(On a personal note, one of the things I am enjoying about my role at Pathways is that I feel like I truly get to be myself. Dean and I have been friends for so long that he knows what I can offer and welcomes it. Thanks Dean…I hope I can learn how to do the same for others.)

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