the davinci code

May 26, 2006 | 2 Comments

the davinci codeSo I did some pastoral research yesterday and went to see The DaVinci Code. After seeing it, it’s crazy to me that the movie’s reviews have been as bad as they are. It was nowhere near as bad as the reviews have been. I think that after the first few reviews were bad, all the other reviewers are afraid they will lose their credibility if they don’t pan it.

Admittedly, I love history — especially about Jesus and the church — so the movie is going to keep me interested just because of that. I also had low expectations because of the reviews, so maybe it wasn’t hard to surpass them. {SPOILER AHEAD} For me, the most troubling thing about the movie was wondering if it is wrong to think that a fictional descendant of Jesus is attractive…

  • How can you call yourself a pastor while supporting this heretical propaganda? Next thing we know, Christian pastors will be preaching a series on the gospel of Mary Magdalene.

  • ryan rivvy

    I liked it too. I thought it was a little slow and the characters weren’t developed well but I thought it was really interesting. Kind of like an Indiana Jones without a whip.