umm…what about monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, and saturday?

May 27, 2006 | 8 Comments

loverboyIt seems like pastors and Loverboy have something in common. We’re only interested in “working for the weekend”*. Unfortunately.

As a pastor, I read a lot of blogs of others pastors. Monday is reaction day. Many pastors review the day before and how they felt about their Sunday services. I certainly know the feeling, because I do the same thing.

The problem is this…church isn’t a Sunday service. As pastors, we have to be about so much more than that. We put a lot of time work on and evaluating how a Sunday went, and it is far too easy to lose sight of the rest of the week. However, we also talk about how we want the church to go and be the church the rest of the week.

So I’m asking myself some questions:
How can pastors who spend the majority of their time and energy preparing for Sunday morning (or critiquing the previous Sunday) expect others to think of church as more than just a Sunday morning event?
How can we find ways to measure what happens in the life of a church throughout the rest of the week (and I don’t just mean small group attendance)?
How can we reshape Sundays to be a valuable time in the life of a church community, but not the primary expression of church in people’s minds?
Can we do this simply by restating it over and over, or do we have to make noticeable changes?

There are 8640 minutes in a week, not just 75-90. It’s time we pastors started “Lovin’ Every Minute of It”*.

*lame, I know, but how could I resist? 🙂

  • Great post. The church cannot be the church if it is only focused on Sunday Morning.

    I have become a great fan of (not my site). It gives very practical ways for the church to reach out to others in very practical ways.

  • I think we must re-define what success is…Maybe success is not just how many folks showed up to listen to a speaker and worship leader.

    Maybe the question we need to ask is not how many folks came on Sunday…But, how did they live the other six days. Of course that poses other questions.

    Therefore, what are some other “vital signs” that we can track other then numbers and giving?

  • I’m the one asking the questions…you’re supposed to have the answers! 🙂

    It does seem like there should be some way to define what you want the community, whether that be the individuals or the whole, to become, and then find ways to measure that.

  • Can we define success in (C)church? We are called to bear the cross. In the human scenarios, people who suffer and die are failures. And yet we are supposed to be faithful to that story by living it out ourselves.

  • The reason why most churches revolve around Sunday morning is because that’s what their foundation is built on. In my blog awhile back, I showed the diagrams that I made that were based on Dan Kimball’s book “Emerging Worship”. I will try and find the link. I know Andrew Jones posted it on his blog too.

  • tk

    Thanks for the post. I have been wrestling with the same kinds of questions.
    your questions have been really helpful in triggering more thoughts for me. Below is the stream consciousness that came out of your questions…

    what if we occasionally cancelled Sunday morning and as a local community went and did something, you know as the hands and feet of Christ?

    What if Sunday morning was “learn by doing time?”
    Maybe a given Sunday Morning was all prayer? Not a message about why we should pray or exegeting great prayers of the bible but the whole community actually praying? Something we are supposed to do without ceasing gets center stage…

    I think saying it over and over is a good idea also. In addition to saying it, what if we took a sunday morning and asked the question to the community how can we make Sunday morning part of your journey instead Sunday morning being the journey?

    thanks again really good thought provoking stuff.


  • I like what you’re thinking… I reflected on it here.

    We’ve been wrestling with similar issues. Once I get the stuff we’re doing out of manuscript and into PDF I’ll pass it along if you want.

    Grace and Peace –

    ::Matt Thomas