simply christian

June 6, 2006

From the impression I had before reading it, Simply Christian was everything I thought it would be. NT Wright, the bishop of Durham and a highly repsected scholar, has written a very accessible book explaining his view on what exactly Christianity is.

I have read many of Wright’s works. I marvel at his ability to transition from a heavily researched and referenced theological tome (ie Jesus and the Victory of God) to a very readable introduction to Christianity such as this. (The “For Everyone” series would be another example of this.)

It is evident that his conclusions in this book are based on his extensive research and thoughtfulness, but not in a way that the average reader would find intimidating. I have already recommended this book to a few people from Pathways without hesitation. I could easily envision using this book in the future as a resource for interested or new followers of Jesus.

If I have any critique, it comes with the down side of the approachability of the book. There is little in the way of scriptural references to help show how his view translates from the Scriptures. Many might read his book and walk away with his perspective on Christianity, but then struggle to connect how some of those views are evident in Scripture. But even with that critique, I appreciate the inroductory nature of the work. If nothing else, the reader will be stimulated to further study and dialogue, and that is what an introduction is all about, after all.

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