right again, zach

June 12, 2006

My beloved podcast partner, Zach Lind, has me pegged pretty well. When I’m on the hunt for new music, I ask him. He knows a lot of bands, and he knows my taste, so he usually connects me with a winner. Now, he’s spreading his recommendation magic into books, where he is now two for two. Last winter he recommended Everything Belongs, by Richard Rohr. This week, I read another of his recommendations: The Hidden Power of Electronic Culture, by Shane Hipps. Bingo again Zach. (Now amigo, it’s about time you took my recommendation and read Mere Discipleship.)

I’ll take some time to post some specific thoughts on the book when I’m a little more coherent. As a teaser, you can find one of the many compelling thoughts I underlined below. Scott Berkhimer also read the book recently, and has a series of posts and Q&A with Shane here, here, here, here and here.

This is in stark contrast to the biblical vision of the church in which individuals exist for the sake of the community and the community exists for God’s mission in the world. God chose the church, not individual Christians, as the medium for the mission. As we continue to face the issue of living the message (regardless of whether we understand it in a modern or postmodern context), our faithfulness to God’s agenda demands we recover a theology of the church as a body sent as a foretaste of God’s kingdom. In many ways this is at the heart of what is happening in the emerging church.

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