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June 20, 2006 | 12 Comments

I got an iTunes giftcard for father’s day, and I have enough left for one album. So, the question is…

or or wait for ?

  • the snow patrol album is amazing. i just picked up the keane album today, and the first listen is great. i say go with snow patrol.

  • Thanks Jasen,
    I liked the last Keane album, but it honestly didn’t have much staying power for me, so I’m wary. I really liked the last Snow Patrol, but man, I like Muse!


  • ken

    wait for Muse . . . the new Snow Patrol is not nearly as good as their first, and Keane sounds better when they’re called Coldplay 😉
    (by the way, i’d love to hook up when we make it up to Seattle)

  • keane


  • scarter

    forget them all, save your itunes money and go to and buy his cd. it is what any good and faithful bronco fan would do.

  • Hey John,

    I have both Snow Patrol and Keane. I have heard that Muse’s album is not good at all. Here’s what someone who works at Pitchfork magazine says:

    that’s right it leaked last week and shockingly enough it is pretty terrible. i’m actually a fan of their first least those had a minimum of 4 or 5 great songs on them. Black Holes and Revalations (which is a terrible title with worse art work on top of it) only has three songs that i like and even those don’t compare to anything they’ve done before….even Showbiz.

    the problem is alot of it just isn’t catchy, interesting, and some songs are just laughable. like one called Invincible where Matt sings out really gayly, “tonight we’ll really be invincible”….and that’s just part of the problem. they’ve never been strong lyrically, but what’s on this album, especially the first song is just tough to listen to. and then his singing, which is usually the highlght i think of the band isn’t as good as anything in the past. and that brings me to their supposed electronic instrumentation, which i heard they were doing on purpose to make it sounds 80’s, but why? on songs like Knights of Cydonia, with it’s galloping horse sounds, lasers, and synthesized trumpets it just doesn’t work.

    now like i said three tracks are pretty good and i find myself singing them unkowning. Starlight is a perfect eighties throwbacl song, but sounds like it should be a Killers song, not really a Muse one. Supermassive Blackhole has a cool Prince like falsetto with some cool riffing guitar, and works for what it is. and Map Of The Problematique is really good all around, even with it’s musical qualities that sound like Depeche Mode’s Enjoy the Silence. but everything else…you are warned.

    but if you’re like me you have to make you’re mind up for yourself, so you can find it in a couple different places on this messageboard…

    Anyway, I love the new Snow Patrol album. Almost every magazine has given it a good review (except of course the one that I subscribe to – Spin Magazine) and every song is incredible. I would go with Snow Patrol over Keane (although I just recently got the Keane CD and haven’t had much time to listen to it thoroughly like Snow Patrol).

  • no contest. Keane.

    or… Have your daughter decide based on the covers.

  • Snow Patrol won, by the way. A few really strong songs, and a number that have yet to hook me.

  • Muse. If Keane is tempting, do yourself a favor and by a Travis record.

  • ken

    Zach – LOL

  • Hey John… Is the Snow Patrol disc getting any better? I’m looking at a few musical choices myself.


  • Mike,
    There are about 1/3 of the songs that I immediately liked, but the rest I still don’t really have much opinion on yet. I haven’t had a chance to listen to it more than 2-3 times.