July 1, 2006

As of yesterday, our house is now HD equipped. Comcast is really friendly toward satellite customers, so we made the jump…for now at least.

I can’t believe how much I already want to ditch any channel or show that isn’t in HD. I watched some World Cup today and it looked great — condolences to my friends in England…I was pulling for you. Football season can’t come soon enough!

Comcast has their own PVR unit that is “Microsoft Enabled”. I’ll definitely miss Tivo…they just have a very friendly navigation system. I have two gripes about the Comcast PVR and then I’ll turn on an HD show and be content. First, sometimes it seems like the decoder can’t keep up with the data and the screen gets jumpy. I especially notice this when watching one thing while recording another. That never happened on the Tivo box, but in defense of the new box, it seems to record at a higher resolution.

I’m not sure who is responsible for my second gripe — many shows in the listings aren’t indicating whether or not they are new or repeats, so it doesn’t always work to ask it to only new showings. I set it to record any new episodes of Mythbusters, and it’s already recorded three old repeats. I never had this problem with Tivo, so somehow they were able to read the listings properly.

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