July 6, 2006

Blogging has suffered of late because of life, but I’d rather have it that way than the other way around. Here’s what’s keeping me busy:

  • Enjoying the weather with my family. It’s actually raining today, but the last few weeks have been beautiful, and we’ve taken advantage of it.
  • This weekend, Pathways is hosting a booth at the Mill Creek Town Festival. It is right in downtown Mill Creek and thousands of people come through. We are holding a silent auction to raise money for WaterAid on a global level and HopeLink on the local level. Hopefully I’ll have enough energy left after the weekend to give a report on how it went.
  • A Mariners/Angels game on Monday night with a bunch of gents from Pathways. Jered Weaver pitched the Angels to victory extending his career record to 5-0. (Yippee! He and Colon are gonna turn this team around. I predict a second half surge for the Angels.)
  • A latenight viewing of Superman Returns last week. I loved it. (Now I gotta figure out how to squeeze Pirates in.)
  • Some template updates to Inbreaking and the initial steps of another collaborative site that I’ll announce soon.
  • School. An intensive last week, and an exegetical paper for my Old Testament class due next week.

A family vacation is on the near horizon…giddyup.

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