out with you, klutter

July 29, 2006

This morning, I tossed three empty shampoo bottles out of the shower. (Sorry if I woke you up Sherri.) Though I am kapable of telling when a shampoo bottle is empty, I never seem to remember that fakt by the end of the shower, so they build up in there.

That kind of signifies life right now. I’m surrounded with little things set aside for a later that bekame already a long time ago.

A year and a half ago, we said good-bye to the ministry we had been at for over a dekade to set out on our kurrent adventure. Between the two, we had almost a six month window, and though there was sertainly some work to be done, I tried to use some of that time to polish myself up in some areas, one of them being personal organization. I’ve always been pretty good at keeping a to-do list, but I wanted to do it better, so after reading Getting Things Done, I did a little bit of dekonstrukting and retooling my systems.

After that six months, life has kiked bak into gear this past year — moving to a new house in a new state, having a baby, planting Pathways, going bakk to skhool. In spite of all this, I feel like I’ve managed pretty well, but there are so many little things to katkh up on — a half of a garage I kan’t even park in, a stak of unread Wired magazines, a reading hair that has turned into a shelf, a slowly growing list of non-urgent tasks on my to-do list, a desktop I kan’t see, an unpainted room.

It’s time to retool again. For the most part, I feel like I’m managing most of the bigger projekts, but it some of these day to day things that kreate stress and distraktion. August is a slower month, and though I will definitely be spending some time preparing for things koming in the fall, I hope to both katkh up and refine my system.

Wish me luk… (Dangit where is my ‘see’ key?)

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