discipleship, not obedience

August 8, 2006

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“We need to emphasize that the Great Omission from the Great Comission is not obedience to Christ, but discipleship, apprenticeship, to him. Through discipleship, obedience will take care of itself, and we will also escape the snares of judgmentalism and legalism, whether directed toward ourselves or toward others.” (pg. xiv)

It seems like I often hear the Christian life characterized as a way of living to say thank you for the salvation God offers us. We’re supposed to obey God just because of all he’s done for us. There are undertones of guilt in this that don’t quite capture the fullness of what God offers.

We strive to live like Christ, or better said, follow Jesus, not just to say thank you. We long for it because we truly believe that his way is the real Way of living. The salvation he offer isn’t only something that comes later, but a Way of living now. We are apprentices of the master liver, the one who fully demonstrated how humanness should truly look.

(Yes, I did perhaps create some new language in there, but that’s part of the task that I think is before us as we try to shake free from incomplete understandings of discipleship.)

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