weed burner!

August 12, 2006

forest fireI’ve learned a number of things from Rob Bell over the years, and you can see his ideas shrouded in my clumsy words throughout this blog. One very practical thing I learned from him became a reality today…

Several years ago, he mentioned that he got a weed burner for his birthday. I’d never heard of a weed burner. We had weeds in Arizona, but they were pretty managable in our tiny yards, so it wasn’t a big topic. In the Pacific Northwest, weeds can get out of hand. Enter your friendly neighborhood equipment rental dealer, and $10 for a weed burner for four hours.

I smell like a chain smoker, but I had a great time!

(Disclaimer: the included image should only be considered a representation of my morning. No evergreens were harmed in my destructive binge today.)

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