you say you want a revolution

September 5, 2006

I just added a banner to my sidebar to help spread the word about the You Say You Want a Revolution Conference. It is November 3-4 in the Seattle area. I attended Off The Map’s conference last November, and it was unlike any conference I’ve been too.

Based on my experience last year, I didn’t waste any time registering for this year’s conference when it became available. I appreciate the conversation that Off the Map is working to create. I’m also happy too see that this year’s conference is featuring Brian McLaren and George Barna. Whether you agree with them or not, I believe both of these two men have some valuable things to say, and I look forward to the dialogue between them.

Early bird pricing is pretty well discounted, but the deadline for that is Thursday, so get registered. In the meantime, you can keep up with the conference through their new blog.

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