lost at catalyst

October 3, 2006

LostI’m off early in the morning to the Catalyst Conference with Dean and Josh. I’m hoping to blog some thoughts from the conference for my future thoughts and for the benefit of those who aren’t able to be there.

Not that I’m not looking forward to the conference, but at this point, I think I’m most excited about watching the season premiere of Lost in our hotel room. It’s the best show on TV with the lamest opening title, and we’re just a little hooked. (Better yet, we might need to head out to the most deep south small town bar we can find to watch it. The season premiere of Survivor came while we were on a staff retreat, so we watched it in a tavern in backwoods, Washington — words can’t describe… I tried to post a picture on the moblog, but it just turned out as a neon haze.)

On an entire unrelated note…I had a maple macchiato this morning. Good job Starbucks.

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