catalyst 1: andy stanley

October 5, 2006

Trying to post some notes from the messages as they happen, although I’m not sure I’ll have time to post any of my own thoughts at this point…

The nature of leadership makes self-centeredness unavoidable
•We must declare daily that the most high God is sovereign over the kingdoms of this world and he gives them to anyone he wishes.
•Following through Daniel 4-5

What will keep us centered despite all the attention we get
•It is the most high God who is sovereign over the kingdoms of men, and he gives them to whoever he wishes. (Daniel 4:17)

Leadership is a stewardship – it’s temporary and you are accountable.
•All leaders are accountable
•Ultimately, we don’t rule – heaven rules (Daniel 4:26)
•Even at the highest levels, leadership is a temporary stewardship that we are accountable for

No one has the right to question the ultimate wisdom of God
•Even one who is in the position of a king
•All of his ways are just — do you believe that?

Three words that come out of this story
oIf God has placed you where you are…It means you need to get up every morning and lead with all diligence
oGod knows where you are, and God has put you where he has put your for a reason and a purpose
oMost days in leadership seem mundane, and we lose perspective of who has put us in this position

oIf God has placed you where you are, who should you fear
oThat’s why you get up every day with a sense of clarity – I don’t work for men…God is my ultimate authority

oOf all the leaders in the world, those who are in Christian ministry should be marked by humility more than anyone else
oIf it is temporary, and we are accountable, there is no room for any arrogance in church leadership

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