catalyst 2: marcus buckingham

October 5, 2006

No organization has a culture
-It has as many cultures as it does managers
-People don’t quit a culture, they quit a boss
-The manager makes the difference

What does a manager do?
-The job of a manager is to turn one person’s talent into performance.
-A catalyst – you speed up the reaction/performance of those who bring their talent.
-The best manager’s can’t help but see growth in others and enjoy it
-Great managers see people as an end unto themselves
-Great managers find out what is unique about each person and capitalize on it.

Strengths vs. Weaknesses
-Typically we teach how to maintain someone’s strengths and focus on their weaknesses – and that is backwards.
-Building on your strengths will help you be more successful than fixing weaknesses
-We can’t say our people are our greatest assets, but we can say our people’s strengths are our greatest asset.

3 Myths that Keep You From Playing to Your Strengths
-As you grow your personality changes – instead, you become more and more who you already are.
-You’ll grow the most in your weakest areas – actually, they are the areas of least opportunity. Our best growth comes in our areas of greatest strength
-What the team needs for you to do is chip in and do whatever it takes – instead the team needs you to identify your strengths and volunteer them most of the time.

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