catalyst 5: rick mckinley and donald miller

October 6, 2006

Rick and Donald shared a casual conversation that was delightful to just sit and soak in. Here are a few of their thoughts from the discussion:

R: Once everybody left the doors of the church, we realized God was in the streets.

R: Discipleship is meant to happen on the road, but we’ve turned it into ten books about whatever. It’s not about information.

D: If you tell your congregation to go, won’t they become alcoholics, and drug addicts, and prostitutes themselves? Are you crazy?

R: We don’t need a list of rules to engage with our culture, we need discernment from the Spirit.

R: The primary identity of the church is that we are the sent people of God. The church exists for the world, not itself. … What are the gifts and passions that people have been created with, and how can we come alongside that and release them for the ministry? … The Spirit of God is still very creative, and creating ministry is one of His greatest passions.

D: The staff is serving the hearts of God’s people as they go out and do ministry.

D: In the church, we tend to strengthen what we do like, and ignore and set aside what we don’t. We strengthen the family and step away from divorce. That comes from Darwinian evolution. We might as well teach it in the schools if we’re going to teach it in church.

R: When we started, we thought that the city would be against us. When we began to care about the things they cared about, they had open arms.

R: When the church is on mission, there is nothing more transformational for the world. We are the leaders of the church, and if we don’t lead our people into mission, then the church gets misrepresented to the culture. It’s not size or programs – it’s just disciples on mission. It is our job to lead them out to get messy. Discipleship happens when we lead people out into the streets where God is.

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