catalyst 6: louie giglio

October 6, 2006

God is sending us out to announce that the kingdom of God is near
• Not that we have a cool church

Let’s change the conversation from “the church let me down” to “Here’s the way that God has empowered and inspired me to pick up the work of the church and carry it forward.”
• God’s plan will move forward
• The truth is, we’re doing good
• Maybe we paint a horrible picture because we think we need it to motivate people

But what God is calling us to is a dangerous thing
• And it needs dangerous people
• It’s not at all safe
• If we all embrace the voice of God’s Spirit, there are going to be some really difficult stories told

The disciples were God’s first-gen leaders
• They heard the voice of the Spirit.
• They didn’t need to be told it was going to be dangerous, but they just headed into it.

God is inviting you into the story – go for it.
• You don’t have to be sure if it is going to work
• It’s okay if you might fail
• What idea is God calling you to that is bigger than you are?

What is our life going to look life if we do this? (with apologies for the alliteration!)
• God lovers – people who above all else are in love with God and moved by an intimate connection with Him
• Christ likers – mature people who shine like stars in the universe
• Culture pacers – you don’t have to be a preacher – what is in your heart that is a God-wired passion, and how can you run after it with everything you’ve got in the name of Jesus?
• Hell raisers – we are a spiritual mission fueled by the Holy Spirit of God
• Inside traders – we take a risk because we are pretty darn sure about the income – we have an inkling that Jesus will ultimately determine what matters for eternity

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