catalyst 8: donald miller

October 6, 2006

The church keeps following the culture around it
• It happened in the middle ages, the enlightenment and in the industrial revolution
• Today, that means the spirituality is a product and we are consumers
• And the new false god of culture is entertainment, so where does that mean the church is heading?
• To some degree, the church is a success because it has consistently translated itself to the culture around it

Three dominant influences on the church in N America culture
• Free market economic system
• Darwinian theory
• Bible

The lens through which we see Christian spirituality
• 3000 commercial messages a day
• we are continually convinced that we are not happy, and then offered something that will make us happy
• ie, there’s a hole in your heart that only Jesus can fill
• free market finds the most simple solution that does not require time or effort – snake oil!

What happens when we sell Jesus as a product, and then you have a bad day after you accept him
• Is he a bad product?
• Are we presenting the truth of who Jesus is in the wrong way?

What does Jesus teach in Matthew 6? – The Lord’s Prayer from the Message
• Don’t roleplay, just simply be yourself before God
• When your honest, the focus switches from you to him, and you begin to sense his grace
• Don’t fall for the nonsense about simple answers that are all around you
• We are dealing with our Father, he will not always give us what we want…he is okay with us being in discomfort
• God’s metaphors for us are that will grow slow and steady, the consumer culture tells us we should have access to whatever we want now

Spirituality works like reality
• Reality is just a supernatural tool to teach you about God
• When culture says you can have you want anytime, we acts as prophets and point out the lie

The church works like family
• We reunite people with their Father and brothers and sisters
• The only rules we have for what church should be is to have elders

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