google docs

October 11, 2006

google docsTwice a week, in our team meetings, we break open OneNote and have a shared session. We can all type on the same document and watch it update in realtime, so it is a great way to share and track our throughts.

A few months ago, I searched for an online service that would do something similar, but it just wasn’t there yet. The online word processors I looked into would alow collaboration, but not in realtime — until today. I just spent a few minutes playing with the new Google Docs. It doesn’t update the document instantly as OneNote does, but it can keep up well in a meeting where there is not continuous editing of the document by multiple parties. However, unlike OneNote, we can all continue to go online and add ideas to the document for others to see after the meeting is over. Not to mention it can work on both Windows and Mac (although not on Safari).

Again, Google rolls out a great tool and integrates it in all else they offer with a clean UI. I’m certain I’ll be pestering my mates to try this in a new meeting very soon.

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