the rest of god

November 16, 2006

I’ve heard from a number of people that Mark Buchanan’s books are worth reading. I’d never gotten around to one until I saw that he had released a book about Sabbath called The Rest of God. The concept of Sabbath has been near to the heart of our family for the last few years, so I was stirred to pick this one up.

With the high expectations I had, I’m a little surprised that it took me a month to trudge through this book. I almost felt like it was labor to finish the book, which is ironic for a book on Sabbath.

Buchanan is a good writer, so I didn’t struggle with it in that regard. I guess it might be because I’ve done so much thinking and reading about Sabbath in recent years that much of it was rehash. Or it might be the fact that Sabbath has been difficult to truly practice lately, and I didn’t want to be reminded of that.

In our frenzied culture, the concept of Sabbath is something we need to grapple with. I appreciate Buchanan’s work to bring some attention back to it. This book isn’t necessarily going to make my “recommend it to everyone I talk to” list, but for anyone needing to revisit their own pace of life, it’s a worthwhile read. (I’d also recommend Sacred Rhythms by Christine Sine, which has been republished this year under the title GodSpace .)

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