thanksgiving eve reflections

November 22, 2006

meI’m a bit annoyed with myself for how little I’ve been posting of late. I thought I’d write a post about that, if nothing else just to give myself some satisfaction that I actually posted something besides a brief book review. Truthfully, I think I just wanted an excuse to post my South Park likeness. –>

  • One of the reasons I’ve not posted as much has just been pure busyness. Life has kept us going. I’ve still been able to make sure I’ve had some downtime, but it just doesn’t always end up being devoted to the blog. Seems like most of my downtime has been devoted to watching Heroes, Lost, and the Broncos.
  • It’s not as if I haven’t been writing. I’ve written over 40 pages in the last two months for school alone. Still, writing is something I truly enjoy, and this is a good outlet for it.
  • It’s not just my blog posting that has slowed down. Posting links on Inbreaking and my commenting on other blogs have suffered too.
  • This has been a season of a lot of personal reflection. This blog hasn’t typically been the outlet for my most intimate of thoughts, and that’s what has been on my mind the most. Thus, those thoughts don’t find their way here. I haven’t been sure that’s the direction I wanted to take the blog, and that alone is probably worth self-analysis and personal reflection!

I know that there are a number of people who read just because you know me and want to keep up, and still others who have never met me but somehow have found something worth reading here. Thanks for all the comments you’ve shared.

{sigh} That was a lot of work just to post a silly cartoon picture.

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