who’s in charge here, anyway?

December 15, 2006

Today was supposed to be one of the highlights of Macey’s year. Last year, we took her to the outdoor ice rink in Bellevue park, and she loved it. She’s been talking about it all year. Today was supposed to be the return trip, along with maybe a visit to Santa in the mall, and a quick bite to eat at Baja Fresh.

Not so fast.

Last night’s big windstorms didn’t only take out our power. We only lost it for a few hours last night…and I guess we were the lucky ones.

The power was out in downtown Bellevue, so traffic was crawling all over. The mall was dark and so was Baja Fresh. We decided to wait it out with some very mediocre Mexican food at Azteca, but there was still no power, which means no ice, which means no smiles. 🙁

At least Macey still had the Pathways movie night at a local coffee shop to look forward to, but…they had no electricity all day. With the girls in dreamland, Sherri and I sat down a bit ago to watch last night’s Survivor only to discover that it didn’t record because of … no power.

Just who is in charge around here, anyway?

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