cities of god

December 18, 2006

When I first saw Cities of God, the subtitle hooked me: The Real Story of How Christianity Became an Urban Movement and Conquered Rome. That captures two passions I’m carrying right now — the need to plant churches in urban areas, and Roman history. How could I not like this book?

Truthfully, I didn’t like it as much as I expected. It wasn’t a bad book, but it was as much about it’s own historical method as anything. I found value in much of the content, but the book was written more at a meta level of the role of churches in large urban settings rather than a more specific look at the life of the early church in the urban areas of the Roman Empire.

Those who are passionate about history will probably enjoy this book. Based on the subtitle, others might hope that this will help them form some kind of ecclesiology based on the methods of the early church’s expansion. They will be disappointed.

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