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December 27, 2006

Our family blog was pretty much dormant for the fall until we finally added a post a few days ago. Hopefully it will be active again in the months to come as I think I’ve finally found a setup that will work for Sherri to post without having to jump through a bunch of technical hoops. So, comment away on it…that will encourage her to post more.

{technical info}
Sherri has become quite the fan of iPhoto. RapidWeaver is pretty seamless with iPhoto, so I thought that would work well for her, but I found it to be glitchy when publishing the site to the server. In other words…more technical hoops. Then I stumbled on an iPhoto plugin called WordPress Export which let us use the existing WordPress blog on the server. It works pretty slick and I think we finally have a setup that will be pretty seamless for her.
{/technical info}

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