soul cravings

December 29, 2006

I finished Soul Cravings on our vacation. (Out of the 10 or so I brought, it was the only one I finished…I guess I was feeling ambitious.)

I haven’t read Erwin McManus’ last few books after not really connecting much with Uprising. This one was a gift (thanks Dean!) so I thought I’d give it a try…glad I did.

Soul Cravings takes on a very conversational tone…almost Donald Miller like. It is divided into three sections, with each section have 22 or so “entries”. The entries are typically 2-3 pages. I like the basic format with the bite sized reads to reflect on. Each one contains plenty to think about. The lack of page numbers kind of drove me crazy — I find that I often glance at the number when I turn a page just to make sure I’m not skipping one.

The three sections are Intimacy, Destiny, and Meaning. Maybe the reason the book was so appealing to me was that I connect with these topics right now…especially the first two. The book apparently was written for anyone who is curious about the Christian faith, and these topics in general, but I think someone who is at any level on a Christian faith journey is going to appreciate the profound insights that McManus is able to bring again and again.

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