January 12, 2007

I got a license for Delicious Library as part of the MacHeist package. Not to gush, but I love it. It catalogs books, DVDs, CDs and games, and displays them on a virtual bookshelf.

I thought the program would just provide some nice eye candy, but it’s been very useful. It’s turned into a program that I gave a space on my dock and it’s open most of the time. It’s got a feature that allows me to check books out to people in my address book and assign due dates. (Ahem, Cyndee and Dean!)

Most useful to me has been the ability to create a new bookshelf and place books out of my library on it. I’ve always had a shelf (or two) that I dedicated to books I hadn’t yet read. With Delicious, I was finally able to just put them on my (real) bookshelves and create a virtual bookshelf of unread books.

For anyone who takes their book or movie collections seriously, I’d recommend it. It’s a great program, much of which is probably due to the fact that the guys who developed it work out of Zoka.

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