notables 03.23.07

March 23, 2007

Just some notable stuff I’ve recently found that is worth passing along:

  • Staying Faithful – Donald Miller audio on Veritas Forum
    The first half is a talk by Don in which is thoughtfulness shines. Plan on some time after listening to just sit and journal some thoughts. (Disclaimer: I might romanticize this talk a bit because I happened to be driving by Lake Union just as he mentioned sitting on the shores of it!)
    Don’t bother with this one if you believe in a God who doesn’t have a sense of humor or who isn’t big enough to stand up to some sarcasm or critique.
  • The Merlin Show
    Merlin Mann is somewhat of a poster child for the tech/creative net culture — most notable 43Folders. The Merlin Show is his video podcast (can we come up with a better name for this already?) with tips and thoughtful interviews.
  • Highrise
    From the makers of Backpack and Basecamp comes their latest online collaborative project — Highrise. Highrise is 37Signals’ take on collaborative contact management. I haven’t explored it enough yet, but I’m wondering if this could adequately function as a church database.
  • What Lessons Can Progressives Learn from Evangelicals?
    A great article in a not-so-evangelical publication about the likes of Rob Bell, Greg Boyd, Shane Claiborne, and Jim Wallis. (Thanks Zach.)
  • Did Jesus Really Rise From the Dead? – NT Wright audio/video
    Haven’t listened or watched yet, but I have little doubt this will be worth my 97 minutes.
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