of tulips and resurrection

April 7, 2007

As I pointed out last year, the beauty of spring in the Pacific NW braings a new richness to Easter for me:

Being aware of spring is giving me a refreshing anticipation of Easter. The new life reaching out of the soil is a very fitting reminder of what Easter is about. The geological and the religious seasons are crashing into each other — and I’m happy to be standing right in the middle of it.

Yesterday, we enjoyed a beautiful day in the tulip fields of Skagit County. Getting out to celebrate spring like this is quickly becoming one of my most treasured Easter rituals. The video below can’t completely do justice to what we experienced, but I hope it can serve as a reminder of new life springing out of death… (If you’d like a larger — 350mb! — hi-res version, you can download this one. Right click and Save As…)

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