film and theology help

June 18, 2007

film reelIn July and August, I’m going to lead a study on film and theology in our home. As I’m thinking through how this will look, the purpose of the study is not going to be to use a few movie clips here and there to illustrate some points or Bible verses I want to reinforce.

Rather, each week, participants will be asked to watch a film ahead of time with an understanding that all truth is God’s truth. They will be asked to bring that perspective to our discussion and share how they experienced truth in each film. We will then grapple with how those truths might be congruent, or incongruent, with the understandings we have of the Christian faith and Scriptures.

So, I am asking for help from you, my loyal (or very bored!) readers who have stuck with me through my inconsistent posting of late. What films come to mind that you think might be good for us to experience in this study?

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