oh yeah…i’m a blogger

August 24, 2007

I fancy myself a blogger, but I guess I probably need to actually blog more than one or two times a month if I want to fancy myself so. Life hasn’t brought anything major our way, but there has been enough going on to keep me from putting a lot of energy into writing (or reading) blog entries. Here’s a bit of what the month of August has brought:

  • We’ve had the film and theology study which has offered several evenings of great conversation. Thanks to all who commented suggesting films. We ended up watching Finding Nemo, The Matrix, Chocolat, Crash, and Babette’s Feast. Even watching films that I’d seen numerous times, like Finding Nemo and The Matrix, offered new thoughts through the viewing and discussions. I thought several times about blogging some thoughts out of the discussions, but, well, I didn’t.
  • I wrote about 45 pages worth of assignments for school. Even though my classes were all done meeting in June, each class extended due dates to the end of this trimester. Somehow, that motivated me to avoid working on any of them in July. Eighteen of those pages were about postmodern philosophy. I’ve decided that writing about philosphy of any kind is a lot like giving birth, though my wife may disagree.
  • We’ve had a number of longtime friends come visit from out of town — each has been a blessing to spend time catching up with face to face.
  • I’ve been completely unsuccessful at finding an iPhone in my mailbox.
  • We shut down the Microsoft Exchange server that had been sitting in my home office and moved all of our Pathways staff email accounts over to Google Apps. So, our work email looks just like gmail but with a Pathways logo — a beautiful thing.
  • I’ve spent time a bit of time actively avoiding ponderings about the psychological motivations of not blogging. (You might have to read that sentence 3-18 times to get it.)
  • I’ve spent a lot of time trying to organize and streamline things in my office. It still looks chaotic, but I’m very excited about some of the progress. But I think that deserves it’s own post once I move into a post active avoidance stance. (See, I told you that you should spend some time sorting through the previous bullet point.)
  • I’ve read a few books that were entirely not worth blogging about.
  • I’ve played around with iMovie 08 and edited a few short family videos, which is already a few more than I’ve edited in the past two years. I’m aware of the complaints, but I find this far more user-friendly for the average joe to hack together a few clips.
  • I’ve been twittering (or is that tweeting?) a bit.

Okay…I’m a blogger again.

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