on to the subtle knife…

November 30, 2007 | 1 Comment

I finished reading The Golden Compass last week, and with my reading for school about done for this semester, I’m moving on to The Subtle Knife. (The Kindle version is only $3.19 — just another reason to yearn for a Kindle!)

Most of the critique I’ve heard of The Golden Compass states that it is the series that is overtly anti-Christian, and not just this book. So, I’m hoping to blaze through The Subtle Knife and then move on to The Amber Spyglass to offer some thoughts on the whole series before or soon after the movie is released.

As for my reading of The Golden Compass, I’m not going to take the time to go into detail. From talking to JJ, it sounds as if the movie was faithful to the book for the most part in terms of the plot and issues it raises. JJ has done two thoughtful and worthwhile posts on it — A Review and Theological Thoughts — so take a look at those.

  • RK

    when you say the movie was faithful to the book, i have to strongly disagree. in the movie, the sequence of important events were not in the order of the book. at the end of the movie, they also left out to extremely valuable part of lyra and roger going to her uncle’s house, asriel leaving with roger, sacrificing him, and lyra stepping into the world her uncle opened a pathway to. the movie does not much follow the book. and by the way, you can not really ‘blaze’ through the subtle knife. it is a 288-page-book.