kindle chaos

December 14, 2007

I have a Kindle on order from Amazon. Right now, they are so backordered that they aren’t even able to give me a potential shipping date. I know that is true because I check the order status about 6-10 times a day!

This is the second Kindle I’ve ordered. I ordered one on Thanksgiving, because at the time they were saying they weren’t going to be shipping until December 3. I figured I could at least reserve a place in the queue and that would give me two weeks to figure out if there was a way to afford one. I was still in the midst of figuring about four days after I had ordered it, and leaning toward canceling the order, when I got a surprise notification from Amazon that it had shipped.

About that same time, Amazon had changed their estimated shipping date for new orders to “sometime after Christmas”. As soon as mine arrived, I listed it on ebay, and it ended up selling for enough to pay for that one as well as the second one I have now ordered! So…I figured out a way to pay for a Kindle!

In spite of having mine paid for, I’m a little stunned and saddened by the insanity that surrounds the release of a hot item like this. Kindles are regularly selling on ebay for two and a half times retail on ebay, apparently just because either people really want to give them to someone for Christmas, or they can’t wait until January to have one at the normal price. One seller even sold a handful of them for twice the retail price even though the listing clearly stated that it was a presale for “when Amazon releases it again”. I contacted the seller who openly confirmed that he/she had just ordered the kindle a few days prior. In other words, in the buying frenzy, several buyers paid twice the amount when they could have just ordered one direct from Amazon for retail price and had about the same wait time.

There is lots that could be said, but I’ll keep it simple: Chaos tends to creep up on all sides during this time of year. May this be a season wherepeace and good will toward others abound.

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