little hero

December 25, 2007

Besides the obvious anxiety about being peed on during a diaper change, having a baby boy in our home the last month and a half brings a whole new set of emotions that are unique from what our girls have brought. Often, while tenderly holding this helpless little man, I have pondered the mystery of how to care for him and protect him all while imparting strength to him in the years to come.

If the little girls in our home dream of being a princess, I wonder if ‘hero’ might capture the fantasies of this little boy…of every little boy. Certainly Max already wears the title quite well as you can see in this picture — note the confident smirk.

I remember the first time Max wore this little onesie. While changing his diaper (and keeping one eye down below for a potential geyser to erupt), those simple words “little hero” caught my attention. What would it mean to raise this helpless little man into a full-blown hero, one who would put himself in harm’s way for the care or rescue of others? It causes a pinch of pain deep in my soul to think about him in that way, but could there be a more noble hope for what he might become?

This Christmas I’m reminded of those thoughts. I’m not sure how much Mary and Joseph might have been aware of what was in store for the little one they caressed centuries ago. But as we celebrate Christmas with our little hero this year, it is to remember what their little hero grew up to become.

Merry Christmas!

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