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December 27, 2007

When I first started this here blog, I tended to include a lot more in the way of random posts about links I’d found, quotes from readings, quick little thoughts, etc. As other tools have made their debuts on the internet, I’ve started using some of them for some of these same purposes. So, with that in mind, I present the SomeStrangeIdeas super combo feed pack. It includes not only the feed from the blog, but also:

  • Twitter – the RSS feed from my twitterings/tweets/twitter thingamajiggers
  • Tumblr – I’m fairly new to tumblr, but I find it useful. I’m mostly using it for quotes from readings and some random links of goodness.
  • Flickr moblog – just some random images snapped from my iphone from time to time.

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(Even with these newer online gizmos, this blog and it’s clutter-free feed, isn’t going anywhere. I’ve just noticed that most of what I post on the blog has become more focused on ideas that I’ve put a little more thought in.)

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