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January 10, 2008

Somewhere in my soul, creativity struggles to spring out.

I’m often labeled as ‘creative’, but being creative often feels like work. Maybe it’s not creativity that is work…it’s trying to find the time and space to be creative.

Here’s the thing — it seems to me that creativity happens in two parts. There is that initial burst of idea that comes to us. It’s that moment of inspiration for something that we want to share, to express. I have lots of those. Even though I capture them pretty well, these ideas stack up and topple over before I can do something with them. I think the constant flow of these ideas is why others think I’m creative.

It’s part two, though, where creativity truly happens. That’s where the idea, the inspiration, comes to life. It takes work. It requires some sweat. It means that one has to find the motivation and the space to bring those ideas to life. And sometimes, or quite often in my case, one just has to get over the fear of producing complete crap.

So that’s what I hope this blog can be about. It’s a quest to be one who practices creativity. There will be some thoughts about the first part — capturing those moments of inspiration. I think I even have some good ideas to share as far as that goes. But it will also be about finding the space and courage to be creative. I’m hoping to learn that one as I go, and perhaps share some crap with you along the way.

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