"but I'm not creative"

January 11, 2008

This blog definitely has a target audience. I would say it is, oh, everyone.

One of my core assumptions about humanity is that everyone is creative. Spend a little time with a child, any child, and you’ll see my point. Children have no trouble dreaming, imagining and delighting in what is not. A few days ago, I sat on the couch with my toddler and we made up a story…I should say that she made up a story. I just got her started: “Once upon a time…” Within a few minutes, she had told me all about a bird that was learning to fly, but afraid. The bird wore a helmet for safety, even though it ended up just walking most of the time. She’s a Seuss in the making!

Creativity is not something we outgrow, but it might be something we outrun. As we grow up, risk becomes more apparent. The potential of having our thoughts or ideas rejected begins to feel dangerous. Fear of being or thinking different leads us to stuff our creative selves away.

One does not have to work in some kind of artistic expression to be creative. I’m convinced that opportunities for creativity exist in just about any job. Every chance to find a third option, a new or better way to do something, or a different perspective is a window for creativity to breeze its way in.

But even if you can’t see that possibility in your current job, I would bet that there is a tiny voice inside you saying something that needs to be expressed. Are you willing to help that voice be heard? Let me help you get started:

Once upon a time…

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