creative space

January 17, 2008

At the core of creativity is finding the space to bring ideas to life. Creative expression doesn’t happen for me unless I give it the space to take shape.

I’ve already mentioned it, but I use GTD methods to help my creative process. Not only do they help me diligently capture ideas as they come to me, but they also help me free my mind of details to focus on forming and expressing those ideas.

More and more, I am learning that a good physical space is just as important as a cleared mental space. When my desk or office is cluttered, it is not only distracting, but it also is like slow emotional leak that drains motivation. I recently read Peter Walsh’s It’s All Too Much. The book is mostly common sense and a few new ideas, but it provided the motivation I needed to clear away the clutter for a fresh workspace. On the same note, I get a regular reminder to battle clutter from the daily posts at Unclutterer.

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