speaking of scrivener

January 24, 2008

Andy Ihnatko reviews Scrivener in his weekly technology column today: Scrivener is in the write place. I’m already on the record stating that Scrivener is an app I wish I was cool enough to use. Andy Ihnatko’s column stirs my interest and notches me one more step toward coolness.

One thing I can say about Scrivener…it has a great model for a trial. The trial period is 30 days of use, but they do not seem to be consecutive days. In other words, the trial does not end 30 days after you first open the program. Rather, each day you use it counts as one day of the trial. So, if you go three days without opening the program, those three days don’t count as part of your trial. This is a model for a trial that very reasonable, and one that more shareware providers should consider.

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