creativity begets creativity

February 8, 2008

Two elemental fears sabotage my creative process time and again.

The first fear is that my creative expressions won’t be received well by others. It would take many blog entries (and hours of therapy) to unravel that fear. That’s not what this blog entry is about…I’m afraid no one would want to read about that anyway. Maybe I’ll talk about that someday. If everyone is really nice. And asks nicely. And promises to not be mean. And tells me that they like me even if they don’t.

The second fear is that I am going to run out of creativity. To put words to that sounds silly, but I find that impulse often lurks just beneath my consciousness. Creativity, however, is without limits. It doesn’t deplete like a self-contained reservoir that will run dry.

Creativity begets creativity. Each idea I explore generates two or three more. The idea for this blog wandered aimlessly in my head for several months. I wondered if I could sustain it. The simple action of writing that first post generated a flow of thoughts for future posts. My primal instinct was to pile them in a corner, thinking that I should hoard them for the future. If I only shared one every few days, I thought, I wouldn’t run out of ideas.

Fortunately, it doesn’t work that way. As I write, I find that each new post releases more captive ideas. Now if you’ll excuse me, Ijust got another one.

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