the hodos project

February 16, 2008

I’ve started a new blog to share the more specific details of our church planting journey with friends and supporters. The blog is called The Hodos Project.

Hodos Project is a code name of sorts for this early stage of our family’s transition to Austin to form a new faith community. Hodos is the Greek word for way or journey, and it was the original name given to followers of Jesus in Acts. (See Acts 9:2,19:9,19:23,22:4,24:14,24:22.) It won’t necessarily be the name of our church community, but the double meaning seemed appropriate for this stage of the process. We are on a journey into a new season of life, and we are longing to shape a community that follows the Way of Jesus.

I hope you can make your way over and journey with us. The new blog has its own feed, and I’ve also added it to the SomeStrangeIdeas super combo feed pack.

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