being vs. doing: i do so i can be

February 20, 2008

I need to write this entry for myself as much as anyone.

I’ve been consumed by my task list this week. Too many projects converged at once with barely enough time and energy to get them done. I’ve kept so busy doing, I’ve had little chance to just be.

As much as I love practicing GTD, I find that it can become a system that consumes me more than it should. With lists of projects and contexts and dreams, these inventories themselves can start to become more important than the outcomes. GTD can become an artform in itself, and my constant tweaks and tunings to the system cause me to lose focus on why I GTD in the first place.

I GTD to create space. I GTD so that I can have a trusted system to hold what needs to be done. I GTD to clear my head of the do’s to make sure that I have space to be.

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