out and about in austin, day 1

March 5, 2008 | 6 Comments

We ran ourselves ragged in Austin today. Some of the highlights:

  • Chris Marlow was gracious enough to set up some time to connect with several other church planters: Jonathan Dodson, Jeff Mangum, Jeremy Self, Jacob Vanhorn, and Charles Whitmire. Thanks for your time…I hope there will be more opportunities to sit with each of you.
  • Max was kind enough to sleep while we spent time driving around the city. He didn’t even get sick when we went in circles.
  • Chuy’s…mmm. I forgot what it is like to have Mexican food that is, well, good.
  • They have this pretty neat thing here they call, um, …the sun. (Here’s a wikipedia article so my Seattle friends can learn about it.)
  • Flipnotics coffee was very acceptable to my Seattle trained palate. Progress Coffee? Not so much.
  • I’m jealous. Its freezing here in KY and the Mexican food is probably worse here than in Seattle. Did you find a good place for wings?

  • JW,
    While I do love my wife, wings is something that I will need to experience on a more testosterone centered outing. I did note the presence of Buffalo Wild Wings, so even if there isn’t a local wing joint that is suitable, I will be alright.

  • Good to meet you too, John. I am encouraged to know more thoughtful, compassionate planters are coming to town.

  • Dude, I had another 3-4 hours in me. C’mon, what kind of life do you Seattle folks live? Slow pace or what.

    Also, I may whine about my cafe issue, but at least I don’t whine about the coffee.


  • God’s up to something! Glad you are coming to town, it was fun to see you live and off blog. …by the way, just for the record – Chris whines about everything and not just coffee – but we love you anyway, Chris 🙂