out and about in austin, day 2

March 6, 2008

Some thoughts and reflections from day 2 in Austin:

  • Spent a precious few hours this morning with David Gentiles and Rick Diamond from the Journey Imperfect Faith Community. We really apprecited hearing what their community is all about and getting their perspectives on Austin. Thank you JJ for connecting me with David.
  • For lunch, we connected with some of the staff from Vox Veniae: lead pastor Gideon Tsang and Sam Lee, a friend who recently graduated from MHGS. Yet another great time with others with a similar heart for mission.
  • Had a vanilla latte at Metro Espresso. It wasn’t too bad, although it was a little sweet considering I asked for “two pumps”.
  • I need to apologize to the entire Austin metro area for today’s weather. As far as I can tell, Seattle was sunnier, warmer, and drier than Austin today. Apparently, the cloud and rain gods took offense to my comments yesterday.
  • If you are ever in Central Austin late in the afternoon and you think you need to head south on Lamar, you don’t. Trust me. And don’t even think about MoPac. Hunker down somewhere until 2am or so when traffic is finally starting to move again.
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