out and about in austin, day 3

March 7, 2008

Some thoughts from our final day in Austin:

  • We had lunch with John Berryhill from the Emerging Church Network. I met John in Austin a few years ago as he was helping to develop smaller faith communities throughout the city. I love his heart for cultivating churches that are meaningful for
    those who aren’t followers of Jesus. That was again evident in our conversation today.
  • No coffee consumption to report on.
  • We visited a doctor to make sure Max doesn’t have an ear infection. (He doesn’t!) This seems to be a prominent theme in our lives these past few months.
  • We took the girls with us today, hoping to give them some fun experiences and memories of the city. Their adventures in Austin included lunch, a pediatrician, and way too much time in the car (see below).
  • If I was driving through Austin while SXSW was going on, can I say I was there?
  • If you are ever on the north side of Austin late in the afternoon and you think you need to head to the south side of Austin, you don’t. Trust me. Hunker down somewhere until 2am or so when traffic is finally starting to move again. (Geez, this seems familiar.)
  • Ultimately, we have been overwhelmed by the opportunities and possibilities in Austin. I’ll post more reflections on that over at the Hodos Project blog after my thoughts have had a chance to settle.
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